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  • Statement of Services Our philosophy The early years of our children are like sponges. It is our job at the Nana's Place Preschool Academy to maximize on their learning potential. Nana's Place has a highly academic program, which approaches learning through exploration of art, music, dance and theatre. We equip children with school readiness and self-expression, creativity0 self-confidence, and the ability to work in a group setting toward a common goal. Nana's Place is . dedicated to providing all students with an academic program(which will facilitate them to maximize their highest Potential by providing an enriching and innovative curriculum designed to meet the individual needs of each child. The emphasis of our program is on experimentation and hands-on involvement.   At Nana's Place Preschool Academy, children benefit from a child-centered environment with low teacher-child ratios and personalized attentions. Children also benefit from professional standards supreme among childcare providers.   Nana's Place has many different learning opportunities for children. We use developmentally appropriate activities for children of various ages. We incorporate activities for childhood education.   Our facility is designed to foster learning as well emotional and social development. Teacher and assistant facilitate learning while encouraging self-expression.   We provide a safe secure and stimulating environment.  

    Our Staff

    Our facility is staffed with a certified teacher as our executive director. All of our directors have many years experience working with children of diverse backgrounds. Our directors are CPR certified; background checked and obtains a CDA crede11tial.   Our teachers and assistants are also highly qualified. Our teachers and assistants have CPR and background clearance along with background working with children.  

    Parent Participation

    Parents of actively enrolled students have immediate access to the center at all times during hours of care. We encourage parents to be active participants in their child's learning.   Infant Care Nana's Place Preschool Academy receives infants as early as 6 weeks old. We provide outstanding love and care for   all our children. We use every opportunity for children to learn. It is important that our infants are read to daily. We also stimulate social and language development. Each infant's individual feeding and napping schedule is well regarded, and a daily record of our infant's mealtimes, diaper changing, and naps are recorded for each parent.  

    Our Program

    Our fun exploration begins at 6 am each day, which includes reading and math fundamentals as well as science discovery. We end our day at 7:00pm. Our afterhours care begins at 7pm and ends at 5:59am. We also offer Saturday and Sunday care from 12am to 11:59pm. We offer full time, part-time, drop-ins and infant 12 years of age.  


    Children need current immunization card, complete emergency card, complete application, tuition and signed policy agreement.  

    Daily Schedule

    Please note that the schedule may be altered as needed to fit track seasons, weather, holidays, or to perfect the needs of the preschool. Activities and times vary depending on which age and classroom your child attends. Below is an example of how our day may be planned out. Arrival and Social Time, Technology Integration, Tabletop Activities, Circle Time, Creative Learning, Outdoor Play {(if weather permits), Nap (for younger children) Drop-Offs and Picks are discouraged during Naptime.} Creative Arts, Exploration, Free Choice Activities.  

    What to Bring To Preschool

    Please bring a backpack or diaper bag with items that may apply to your child, such as a change of clothes, 1.1nderwear, diapers, pull-ups, toothbrush, jacket, blanket, pillow or medical supplies (witl1 consent form). There are individual cubbies provided to store items daily. Please note: Do not bring items that hold significant value, Nana's Place will not be responsible for lost or damaged items.  


    Fieldtrips requirement and procedures will be announced as they are different per lesson/activity. Our fieldtrips are; community-based instruction.  


    Having fun is messy business. Children should wear clothes for outdoor play, painting and tactile learning. Clothes soiled by potty accidents will be placed in plastic bags and sent home with parents at the end of the day.


    Children suffering from contagious symptoms such as but not limited to fever, vomiting, yellow or green mucus, or rashes may not attend the facility due to protection to the other children in care. If your child is found to have any symptoms that seem unfavorable to the health of other children, he/she may return to the facility when he/she has been free of contagious symptoms for 24 hours. Medication is given on a case-by-case basis  

    Emergencv Procedures

    In the event children become ill, parents will be notified to pick up the child. If the parent cannot be reached, the emergency contact will be called. In case of a severe illness or accident requiring medical attention, the following procedure will be followed:
    1. 911 called
    2. Child's parent/emergency contact
    3. Child and heath records taken to nearby
    4. Emergency report completed, copies given to parent and AZDHS.
      Meals There is no need to pack a meal unless your child has a special diet, which cannot be met at the facility. While your child is in care, your child will receive a wholesome, nutritious meal. Please make a mental note of mealtimes when dropping off your child, so that hungry children are. not dropped off between meals. Meal menus are distributed for your convenience and are subject to change without notice. Infant formula and baby food are Supplied by the center. Address;ngBelzav;oral Prob/e,ns                                                   To correct behavioral problems at the center, we use a, proactive approach by using positive reinforcement through verbal praise, and tangible rewards (when desirable). We also assist children in making right choices by teaching them to respect themselves, friends and our environment. In extreme cases. Whereby a child continues to disrupt an activity, a sit-out time to regroup may be encouraged.   Children should be able to adhere to Nana's Place schedule. If a child continues to be a constant interference with the need to run a safe and happy program, then it is possible that the child may need to be dismissed from the program. Before dismissal, there will be a verbal warning followed by a written warning. Due to the safety and well-being of all children the following behaviors can be grounds for dismissal: <>         Violent behavior <>         Profanity/profane behavior   o           Excessive defiance and disrespect toward caregiver  

    Tuition Payments:

    Unless a program such as DES or other assistance program funds your childcare expenses, your child's full tuition will be due on the first day of your child's regular scheduled service period (for example on Monday). There will be no exceptions. A $5 daily fee will be added to all tuition paid after the third day of the service period. If a financial assistance program refuses to cover any of the day care fees for any reason, the parent is then responsible for the fees. Tuition payments that are more than seven days late niay result in temporary suspension of care until payment is made in full. Your weekly tuition,rate,-must be met whether or not your .child is in attendance. This policy is pertinent to the operation and management of the facility. This policy  is pertinent to the operation and management of the facility. All paid tuition is non refundable. Nana's Place reserves the right to change tuition rates and terms with a month's written notice, to the parents. 0f      Late Picki up fees = $1will be added to your tuition(fee for every minute you are late after closing per child{ There is no grace period after closing.  

    Holiday Schedule                                        ,., ·

    Full tuition rates are based on a 4 day week, therefore full-: ti.me tuition does not change for holiday schedules. Nana's' Place is closed on the following holiday:'' "'      New  Year's Day "'      Martin Luther Kings Birthday              Memorial Day
    • July 4th -.
    • Labor Day
    Veteran's Day 0 Thanksgiving Weeke d'(Thursday and. Friday) .,      Christmas .,      Easter Sunday  

    Insurance Cover and Governing. Agency

    Nana's Place has sufficient coverage to satisfy the requirements from the State of Arizona. We are licensed and regulated by the Arizona Department of Health Services located at 150 North 18th Avenue, #400, Phoenix Arizona 85007. ADHS can be reached at 602-364-2539. Insurance and Inspection reports are available for review upon request.  


    A two-week notice is required when disenrolling students.


    Is available to and from school with proper completed forms. There will be a $5.00 wasted trip fee for lack of communication i.e. you fail to inform staff of any change in pick up/ delivery.  


    As a part of the DHS regulation we are serviced through a pest control company. Notice of pesticide application will be posted 48 hours before treatment.  


    Nana's Place reserves the right to discontinue service for any reason that does not discriminate against the child's race, religion, ethnicity, or disability. Guidelines in terms of fee, times, or rules are unchangeable