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Night Specials happening now!

life is full of surprises.  At Nana’s, we work hard to ensure your childcare choice is one of the great ones.  24/7 availability allows us to offer the best care and attention to your child both day and night. our facilities are cleaned and serviced frequently with the utmost care. We employ full time security guards, as well as closely monitored surveillance cameras, throughout our entire complex. Ensure your child has a safe and secure facility.

Our extended hours are perfect for:

Date Nights

varying  work schedules

Last Minute  plans

and  Much More!

All our childcare plans are flexible and allow you to use your hours at whatever time is most convenient for you.

Special Night Time Rates

*Special Rates begin after 8 pm:

$20 Dollar Drop ins- Up to 5 Hours

$25 Dollar Drop ins- Up to 10 Hours