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Frequently Asked Questions


 1.What are your hours of operation? 

24 hours a day seven days a week

 2.Do you have a registration fee?

$75 per family

 3.Are you closed holidays? 

Yes, New Years, Christmas, Easter, Independence Day, Labor Day, Martin Luther King day.

 4.Where are you located? 

10046 North 43rd Ave 

4910 West Northern Ave 

 5.What is Full-time? 

Anything over 5 and a half hours and no more than 10. 

 6.What is Part-time? 

Anything under 5 and a half hours. 

 7.How much do we charge for Saturday care? 


 8.How much do we charge for Sunday care? 


 9.When is Tuition/Co-pays due? 

Payments are due every Monday. 

 10.How much is it for just one day during the week? 


 11.What if I need over 10 hours? 

We have a hourly fee that you may be billed if center is notified in advance. 

 12.What if I’m running late and don’t call? 

We charge $5 every 15 minuets when over your part time or full time hours. 

 13.What if I have a schedule change? 

Schedule changes must be in writing and given to the Director for approval. 

 14.What do u need to sign up? 

You’ll need to complete an enrollment packet at our centers along with a copy of your child’s immunization records. 

 15.When can I take a tour? 

8am to 11am and then tours resume 2pm to 5 pm 

 16.Do you accept Des? 


17.Do you accept Dcs? 




Nana’s  Place Preschool and Academy has over 50 plus camera installed. 

All teachers are CPR and First aid certified